Heh, what a day

At about 10:00 this morning, all of LiveJournal was 404ing. Thankfully, it got corrected. We went to Steve’s church after all, and his guest speaker actually was pretty good, speaking how one person can have influence on the entire world, and that we can’t miss our chance, or the world would turn out quite differently than what we would hope. I’m not a devout Christian by any stretch of the imagination, but as long as it’s not being stuffed down my throat, I can tolerate it.

After that, we went to Grandma’s, where we got to see several of Mom’s cousins and their families. Adam went golfing with one of his second cousins, and now he wants to buy golf clubs with his graduation money. Burgers and bratwurst with my namesake were devoured by me. And Adam tried to convince me that ketchup went good on bratwurst. I don’t get how he could speak such blasphemy. Ketchup : bratwurst :: non-dairy creamer : coffee. But then, he always likes to get my goat on these kinds of issues. I say he deserves a stoning like the scene in Life of Brian.

Memorial Day should prove to be interesting. Although she hasn’t said anything yet, I’m certain Mom will want me to drive her up to Michael’s so she can use a 50% coupon. Mom actually hasn’t been to Michael’s since the divorce was filed. Perhaps she’ll learn to not want everything that has to do with scrapbooking. Heh, I sure can dream, though.

I see that Norton is doing its weekly virus scan, so I believe I will go to bed and let it run. Last time I think it took seven hours to get through everything, and it’ll be a little longer if I keep all my other programs running. Besides, sleep is good for me.


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