Perhaps it is time to roll first-class and Priority together

I know that I wouldn’t want to pay extra if my mail would take longer to reach its destination, according to this article.

Still no word on either job. I assume they waited a week so they could get past the holiday before they made any hiring decisions. I still think I can get either of the two jobs, but I haven’t thought about what would happen if I don’t. For months, I’ve been wanting to get my life back on track. To think I may be close to accomplishing that jaust makes me anxious. This time, I won’t be complacent as far as job performance goes. I’ll seek to get my own apartment or other affordable rental place closer to Battle Creek if I do get this job, since I have to move out of this house anyway. Later on, when I have a little more money to spend, I’ll take courses to further my eduacation, so I don’t look overly pathetic to the job market. I can get back on track, but I fear if I go too fast, I’ll just derail again, and I’m sick of derailment.

Adam’s Senior Rec night is tonight, and I figure that’s a good enough excuse to miss the first couple periods of the hockey game. I don’t think he’s going to get any important awards, but it’s important for me to be there for him. I haven’t always been the best brother I could be, but he doesn’t have a lot of choice on the matter. If he keeps at his diet and exercise regimen, he could be in the Navy within the next few months.

There’s always more, but unfortunately, I don’t want to say it. It’ll just get lost in the translation.


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