Yeah, Game 7 and I am psyched!

Even though Colorado has a pretty good winning streak in Game 7s, some time, the streak must end, and Friday is as good a night as any. I didn’t get to see the goals as they were scored, but watching the highlights of the first goal just gave me a sense of warmth. How often does Patrick Roy do the Statue of Liberty just to have the puck drop behind him and in? I don’t know what Bob Hartley was thinking when he called for Dom’s stick to be measured. That just seemed like a desperation cry, given the Avs were down 2-0. And it was quite amusing to see Roy go off to the dressing room ahead of everyone else. Even though we couldn’t see it, he probably knocked things over in anger of Hasek’s shutout. Overall, it was quite a nice victory for them. Now they’ll go into Game 7 with a much healthier lineup than Colorado… that must be to our advantage. Of course, merely the fact that it’s a Game 7 gives me goosebumps, but because it’s between the Avs and the Wings, well, how many ways are there to say orgasmic?

Adam’s senior rec night went rather well. He brought home a few awards, including one for perfect attendance the past two years. The only issue I have with this year’s class (besides royal blue and light blue as class colors, which is a travesty) is their motto. “The important thing is for all of us to get out of here” does not sound very inspirational in regards to this group setting out for the future. I am going to take a listen to the CD he got, though, in hopes that there is some cool music… though so far, I don’t recognize who it could be. It sounds like something done with a MIDI keyboard, however.


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