I hate not being able to pay bills

Dish network cut off our service. Now, had this happened much later in June, it wouldn’t be significant. But because it happened this morning, it is an unmistakably gigantic travesty. I think you know the reason why, and if you’re just joining us for some reason, I’ll state it for the record. I WON’T BE ABLE TO WATCH GAME 7 BETWEEN THE AVS AND THE WINGS!!! *SCREAMS* >>>:( All of you like to say the world doesn’t really hate me, but how can you be sure when things like this happen? Still, I think there must be some way for me to correct this. I don’t think I’ll be able to pay the bill in time to watch it tonight, and even watching the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals is doubtful. Sigh, I suppose that Echostar being based in Colorado was merely a coincidence.

I should get offline and check to see if I have any calls. I need to know, whether positively or negatively, on just what their hiring decision is.


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