The humidity rears its ugly head again

Tomorrow will not feel very pleasant, as it is to get in the 80s. Watching Game 7, however, should distract my mind from the balmy weather, but unfortunately, I know it won’t. Once summer rolls around, I’ll be pleading for autumn’s return. Autumn has always been my favorite season, if not for the cooler, less muggy days, then for the colors. Green is highly overrated.

With everything that’s going on, I seldom play my PS2. But tonight, I decided to make some headway in Batman: Vengeance after literally not touching it in 4-5 months. At that rate, I’ll likely get all the characters and everything else in my Chrono Cross game by September 2005 (that would be at the very earliest). I do want new games, of course, but by the time I get around to finishing all the ones I have, PS9 (you know, the one that can respond to brain waves) will be out. Slow? You better believe it.

For some reason (I think it’s a conspiracy, but don’t tell them I said it), I watched a bit of the National Spelling Bee. These kids prepare all year to spell words that virtually won’t be used by any of them in their lifetimes. I suppose these kids get the recognition they deserve. After all, they do get to appear on ESPN… but then, so will the NBA next season. Whoops! In all seriousness, I do hope that the contestants can get something that can use their great spelling skills. I would say they could become great writers, but I’m a great writer, and I don’t even use a tenth of a percent of the words that are on the list.

So much to do in so little time. It’ll be a miracle if I don’t kick and scream at some point along the way.


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