Adam’s graduation went well. Nothing unexpected, but there is one of his classmates who is a very talented pianist. Our old neighbor from Kalamazoo came down for the ceremony, and he’s coming back down for the party on Saturday. After commencement, we had a small luncheon at our house. Adam had baked two cheesecakes, and I partook of the one with baking M&M’s. Speaking of M&M’s, I haven’t gone back and voted purple in recent weeks; it would be a real shame if either pink or aqua won.

Adam’s quite anxious to go out and do something now that he’s getting graduation money. I tried to convince him to wait and open a checking account with all the checks he got, but he doesn’t turn 18 until July. When I graduated, it had been over seven months since my 18th birthday, and so there wasn’t a wait to open a checking account. Unfortunately, a good chunk of the checks I got went towards repairing an Escort we no longer have. Quite unfortunate, but that’s they way it goes. With the cash I received, I bought a new sound card and several You Don’t Know Jack titles. They were the only worthwhile things I had bought with my graduation money.

Hopefully, this week will finally bring some good news into my life. I can hardly believe it’s been over two weeks since I interviewed for those two positions. Nothihing else has struck my fancy since, at least not something suitable for my experience. I have to get something soon, but as I’ve always said, it’s going to be something I won’t hate later if I have to stay on for over six months. Where others can be content at working less than their potential (e.g., my father), I’ll never be content. We all know it’s led to greater frustration, but in the end, it’s worth it. I won’t be someone who is limited by how others perceive me. Rather, I will rise above it all and be what I am — a man who lives for the thrill of the fight.


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