I supooise I should tell how Monday afternoon went. Mom wanted to find another scrapbooking store in Ft. Wayne, so we spent the whole afternoon down there. We went back up to the store we visited before the hockey game a couple of months back, then had dinner at Red Robin, where I had Buffalo shrimp with a Bailey’s shake to chase it down. We then browsed at Hobby Lobby, and we capped off the shopping escapade at the Meijer on Lima Rd. where Adam decided to buy Final Fantasy X, yet another game which will keep me occupied for all eternity.

For some reason, I feel like I want to sleep, but another part of me wants to stay awake. Sometimes, I wish I could be a dolphin at times like these. I still want to go up to Marc’s tonight to catch Game 1 (and probably watch some of that great Game 7 I could only hear on radio), but it’s been hard to keep in touch with him, let alone anyone else for that matter. I suppose if he’s reading this, he should expect us sometime around 4 or 4:30, since Adam has a physical at 1. I don’t think he’ll mind if Adam tags along, as he’s as anxious to watch the Cup Finals as I am.

I think the part that wants to sleep is eeking out the victory. So, it’s off to bed I go. Stay peachy, everyone.


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