Woot! Series even!

What a way to win, with goals 13 seconds apart to give the Wings a 3-1 win. And I suppose I must agree with , who is appalled at the officiating. Why are they just now starting to call dumb penalties? Consistency and flow mean nothing anymore. But, just by listening to the radio, it sounded the Wings played better, despite allowing a shorthanded goal (at least Carolina gave up one, too). Now it’ll be very interesting when the series shifts to Raleigh. I think the Wings won’t let the the road be a factor, but it still is important that they not take it lightly. I’m sure the momentum will be carried into Game 3, but I’m aware that Carolina will rise to the occaision.

Tomorrow will be a rather busy day, with all the preparing we’ll have to do for Adam’s party. I think I might actually get to bed at a decent time (read: before 1:00, if I’m not tempted to do other things).


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