If you think it’s hot and muggy now, just wait until August

The fingerprinting went rather well, and it turns out I had to submit a different form, so I had to basically just copy the information from my first one to the second (there was no easier way to transfer the information). That will all be mailed tomorrow, and hopefully in two to three weeks, I’ll get interim clearance and become a mail jockey. I also read Marc’s comment, and while I regret that he didn’t get that particular position, hopefully he’ll fit in one of the other contracts in the building. I didn’t even think to ask what was happening in the call center, since it seems several of the agents down there are getting jobs on the 12th floor. If I deliver their mail, maybe I’ll find out.

As long as I have Marc on my mind, I might as well mention that Adam and I are heading up to Marc’s again to watch the game. I told Adam we should bring Life of Brian along to watch before the game. I know Marc will get a kick out of it. After all, it’s Monty Python. One of these days, I’ll buy Holy Grail, but I’m not in a hurry to hear the speed of an unladen swallow again.


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