Woo! Up 3-1, it’s as good as won

I would have to say the best goal was by Igor Larionov. No one on Carolina had any idea the Professor was wide open, and the pass by Fischer was just beautiful. In fact, all three goals were beautiful in that they all involved quick passes. The Hurricanes find themselves in a major hole, and Game 5 will be quite the tough one for them, as I expect the Wings to pour it all on and get the Cup. All the preseason predictions will come true, and as someone who was first skeptical about how this team was built (in fact, I still am), I will still enjoy the victory, even though they likely won’t have a great chance to repeat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hasek retired after this season. What more would he need to accomplish? It would be great for him to retire on top, similar to how Ray Bourque retired last year.

But to whom does Yzerman immediately hand the Cup? Odds on favorite would be Hasek, but hasn’t Robitaille or Duchesne played longer? I suppose a trip to NHL.com is in order, but not right now and I find that both Duchesne and Robitaille came up in 86-87, while Hasek came up four seasons later. Of course, I’m ignoring others who have never won a Cup, but I don’t think anyone else on this team has been in the league longer than Steve and Luc. I must sleep, and wonder how it is I feel so on top of the world again ;p.


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