Something didn’t seem right

I had just woken up from my sofa, but for some reason, I don’t remember walking in, closing the door, and laying down like I normally would. Given that I had some weird dream might have caused that rather insignificant memory to just fade away. The dream involved me driving the Crown Vic and noticing the car was acting way more unusual than it has been in reality, and that we should get it to Fisher’s pronto — only thing was I could never describe where excactly I was, but apparently in dream state, there is familiarity with the unfamiliar. Mom also seemed to say something about how the mechanics had moved on to different places. I couldn’t tell you the details of the rest of the dream, but it seemed to me like I had to stop someone’s plot for world domination or something similar. It somehow involved a somewhat evacuated Meijer store, with parking spaces that were long enough for semis.

I’m sort of glad that I decided to get online to check my mail, because at least glancing at the subject lines, Jiri Fischer is suspended because of the crosscheck he gave in Monday’s game. Not a big surprise really, but that does make me wonder who would be dressed in his place. My first thought is either Wallin or Krupp, but I would hope we’d find a way to get Slegr in the lineup before the playoffs are over. I would think we got him for more than just a reserve in case someone else got injured. At least then he would get his name on the Cup, because as it stands now, he wouldn’t get his name on the Cup (not enough regular season games since he was a deadline acquisition, and as I said, scratched every playoff game up to this point — or does just being on the playoff roster count?). I don’t expect the loss of Fischer to be a critical factor the rest of the way. Although neither could equal his physical presence, Krupp or Wallin could step up and play the physical defenseman (why I think one of those two would play over Slegr). Of course, maybe that little debate will be nullified if Kuznetsov is dressed. Of the scratched defensemen, Slegr seems the least physical, which is why I highly doubt he’ll be the one to go in for Fischer. If it were Lidstrom or Olausson who had to be out, than Slegr would be a logical choice, but not in place of Fischer.

Gosh, after that long paragraph about who could play in lieu of Fischer, I think I’ll go back to sleep. Maybe I’ll go back to that dream I was having.


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