The crybabies are at it again, and I don’t mean the children

Maybe it was because it was an integral part of my childhood that I’m livid at a school’s banning of tag. What makes me even more upset is the reason the principal gives for banning it: self-esteem issues. As would be expected, there is an outcry, but the principal is “surprised” by all the criticism. Um, who beat her with a stupid stick?

The reason why this is so foolish is because rather than have the kids learn to develop better self-esteem, this principal would rather they just avoid anything that’ll cause their esteem to be lowered. Protect the children at any cost, even if that means not letting them develop spines after repeatedly playing tag. Those first few games of pain aren’t worth it. For one thing, playing tag (or any schoolyard game for that matter) taught us the value of competition. Certainly, we would lose, but only in defeat would we learn what it takes to be victorious. If this principal had her way, these kids would never know the bitter taste of defeat, so they couldn’t prepare themselves for the sweet taste of victory. Now when these kids have to face challenges in the real world, they wouldn’t be as prepared. What’ll happen when these kids suffer setbacks in the working world? They would have a much more difficult time succeeding, because some oaf decided that banning tag or other schoolyard games would be beneficial to their esteem. Poppycock. It does nothing but reverse it. If they learn to triumph over adversity at a younger age, they most certainly will succeed in the real world. Schools are supposed to prepare kids for this, remember? But fear and all out stupidity seem to make some hold back on that. And some will sit and wonder why they can’t seem to find a way to triumph.


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