Once you get over the inaccurate computer generation, Scooby-Doo isn’t that horrible

Yes, after telling myself there was no way I would see that movie based on the TV ads for it, I relented and went along with my mother and brother to the drive-in. Strangely enough, as it was the last time we went, it was Jimmy Buffet night. The two features were the aforementioned Scooby-Doo and Clockstoppers. As for how the first feature went, I had quite the chuckle over the meta-references and the Pam Anderson cameo. Sugar Ray’s cameo would have been utterly pointless had it not been for the fact that they were posessed by the monsters, too. And I could not believe how surprised I was by the ending. Clockstoppers, on the other hand, got rather dull after the first 10 minutes. I could’ve cared less about what happened, as I tried to snooze a few times. My biggest complaint is with the scene where they make who’s-his-name dance. If they were in hyper time, why would the crowd see him as moving at regular speed, when he’s actually being moved at the two lead characters’ speed? Um, hello? Was someone not thinking at the production meetings? Anyway, Clockstoppers was released several months ago, and I don’t think it did very well then, so why did the Capri decide to show it this time around?

Other than all that, Saturday was rather bland. It’s been great sleeping weather, though, since it isn’t as hot and muggy as it could be. Today, we’ll go over to Steve’s to celebrate his birthday with a cookout. Mmm, cookout food! It’ll be appetizing to say the least.


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