Well, the big reunion looks to be postponed

I actually talked to Davette, and I came to find out that only three of us wanted to do the reunion thing at the school. Needless to say, that was canceled (or like I would hope, postponed), but fortunately, we’re working on a plan to have the few meet up someplace Saturday, most likely Marc’s house (I should start to call it my second home, as much as I’ve been up there the past several weeks). I told Davette the few of us that did come could nosh on Mom’s cookies (you party poopers will live to regret not wanting to come ;p), and of course we’ll catch up on old times. Maybe I’ll even be so bold as to give Davette and Mike Addison LJ invite codes (could you imagine the horror that would result if they had LiveJournals? :D) Of the 13 I have, only one has ever been used. And if you’re some random wanked out wanker who’s reading this, the answer is no. I just get this awesome feeling when I feel I have some control over the expansion of the LJ population (even though it’s rather small). Saturday should be a great day should this plan come into fruition.


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