Another hot day is upon us

This morning, Mom, Adam, and I all had breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa and her Uncle Carl and Aunt Dorothy. I had my staple of biscuits and gravy, which was probably prepared in a similar fashion to the awful biscuits and gravy at Steak and Shake, but fortunately the biscuits weren’t as tough this time around. We then had to pick up Mom’s prescriptions and then she had a chiropractic appointment. After that, we stopped by the hospital to check on one of Mom’s friends who was having a hysterectomy. She had a tumor in one of her ovaries the size of an orange, but fortunately it was benign. After that, Mom got a haircut and we came home.

If you didn’t think I was going to have a reaction to today’s Supreme Court ruling, then sit back down and continue reading. It galls me to think that we can exclude a certain group from capital punishment. It doesn’t surprise me that Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas dissented, because they seem to be the only ones on the court with any common sense these days. Isn’t there something called equal protection under the law? My whole point is that there shouldn’t be special exceptions made for the retarded. How can capital punishment be deemed cruel and unusual punishment for only a certain group of individuals. Either it’s cruel for everybody or it’s cruel for nobody. Not “Oh, but these people aren’t as smart as other people, so we have to make special excuses for them.” Mygawd, what an overly emotional society we’ve become.

I was going to make a crack at how overly hyped Neverwinter Nights is getting, but I wouldn’t want to make a special trip up here to decapitate me :D. But then, just about every game get hyped up by someone, so I suppose Neverwinter Nights should be no exception.


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