A disjointed dream for sure

I think it started in a Meijer, where I was picking up a couple of things (somehow, a 64 oz bottle of French’s mustard figured into it, despite having labeling that wasn’t correct [it was a dream, after all]). I remember needing to change my pants back in some frozen section. Then it somehow shifted to MCTI (or something dreadfully similar) where I shared a room with my brother of all people. Then, somehow I found myself dragging my landline phone around some corridor, and when I found it was plugged on a lower level (I was on some mezzanine-sort of thing), I lowered it down so I wouldn’t have to drop it. Then I was in some pseudo-Federal Center type place that for some reason had a hotel attached. All I remember is that I had to fill out paperwork for my pending mailroom job (something my lazy ass should actually do, BTW). Somehow, Dad and Adam show up, and Mom was at a conference in the same building. Also, somehow Barb showed up giving me a shitload of change and a couple singles that was owed my mom, and a $5 bill for my nasty ol’ self. We went to our cars, and I remember giving Mom the money at her car, and somehow I had lost my keys. Dad throws my keys, and says something to the effect of “Rock music is the best.” That’s unusual, as Dad always listens to the country station, I dare to say much more than Adam. Then, somewhere near my car, I find what looked to be a miniature set of FFX legendary weapons (spending just over two hours straight getting the Sun Sigil must do a number on the brain), which prompted me to wake up.

I would have to rank this as one of my oddest dreams yet, if for the jumping from subject to subject with seemless effort. It had elements from previous experiences (my supervisor from the call center showed up somewhere, as well as my aunt and uncle who live in Kentucky) as well as some people I’ve never even seen before in my life. Needless to say, I slept rather well.

Later today, Adam and I are making a trip up to the mall so he can get new shoes. I think I’m in the mood for one of those frappucinos over at Barnes and Noble. That last one I had really hit the spot. It’s either that, or a Blizzard at the DQ on the other end of the mall. Adam says it a hell of a muggy day outside (Dad turned on the central air lastnight, so I wouldn’t notice). Say goodbye to spring, because summer has just busted in.


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