Hasek may retire for good this time

Now that he finally achieved what he long wanted to achieve, it should come as no surprise that Dominik Hasek is strongly mulling retirement. According to this article, he’s reportedly already made up his mind to go, although the official announcement will likely come today or tomorrow. Of course, if Dom leaves, then Ken Holland has the very difficult decision of obtaining another superstar goalie (much as I hate to admit, Manny’s not ready to be the star). So, I will pose the question to my faithful LiveJournal readers:

I agree with Ken Holland about getting Cujo before anyone else, as he’s likely the most solid of the choices. But somehow I wouldn’t mind if Lord Byron came to Hockeytown, because I see him as someone you could have for five or more years. Signing Crazy Eddie would be a disaster waiting to transpire, as he’s not been mentally stable lately (there’s a reason why the Stars aren’t going to re-sign him). And Richter is too injury-prone for my tastes. So basically, it means if Holland signs Dafoe or Cujo, I’m a pleased monkey, but if he signs Eddie or Richter, I’m a very displeased monkey. And if it is decided that Manny can be #1 (although very, VERY unlikely), I’ll be overstupidly overexcited monkey. Do we really want that? ;D

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