Something that amused me earlier today

[17:50] LizLee82: hey! how’s your day goin’ so far?
[17:50] rawmustard: It’s going pretty well.
[17:51] LizLee82: spiffy… so… what fun and exciting things are you planning for the rest of your day?
[17:53] rawmustard: Probably not too much.
[17:55] LizLee82: hmmm… sounds like my evening… i’m hoping one of my friends will call and save me from home…
[17:57] rawmustard: Well, hopefully they will. I hear there’s fishermen that need to be seduced :-*.
[17:57] LizLee82: oh yes… and when there’s a fisherman who needs seducing, i’m always ready
[17:59] rawmustard: Well, good luck on catching them, and maybe they’ll share their catch.
[17:59] LizLee82: eh… i wouldn’t eat it (vegetarian)
[18:00] rawmustard: That would probably be the only reason I’d seduce a fisherman, if I were into seduction, that is.
[18:01] LizLee82: i don’t know… i mean… some of those pants they wear, the ones that allow them to walk out into the water and stay dry… yeah… those…. they’re pretty hot
[18:03] rawmustard: And there’s bound to be some female fishermen, right? Not that there would be anything wrong with me seducing a male fisherman, but I’d prefer a lady, if possible.
[18:04] LizLee82: eh… why not? but in that case we should be a bit more pc (and sound like total morons doing it) and refer to those who fish, as fisherpeople
[18:05] rawmustard: Why would we do that? after all, there are female mailmen, as awkward as that is to say. Well, I’ve got to scoot. Talk later.
[18:06] LizLee82: bye
[18:06] LizLee82: have fun

Yeah, and somehow just the thought of eating delicious fish overshadows any disgust I might have seducing fishermen. Or not. Regardless, I think I’ll just stick to buying from the fish markets. It’s just more professional that way. I also had to get the “female mailmen” line in there to keep things goofy. It’s a shame Dad wanted to get on, as who knows what we could’ve concocted with a little more time.


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