I feel a headache coming

Euh, so it is true. Marc and I to work in the same building, for the same company. He says it’s going to be bitchass, and I say the jury is still out on that one ;p. Actually, I don’t think it can be that bad, knowing a friend is somewhere nearby. As would be expected, we’d probably see each other during lunch if our schedules are as I would expect them, and whenever I’d bring the mail to the call center. But then, there’s always too much of a good thing. And it is probably good that I’m there for him. I can give him some tips on being an agent in that call center, albeit my own tenure there was quite brief. But I’ve always been one to think a friend is there whether he’s attached like a barnacle or whether he’s halfway around the world, handweaving soccer balls for a few cents a month (okay, so maybe I don’t have a friend who makes soccer balls, but I’m sure he’s a friend to someone).

Still no word when I’ll start. I’ve a direct deposit and insurance forms to complete, and I’m not really in a rush. I figure it’s not a big deal to have the insurance and direct deposit forms completely filled out until I know when I start for the simple fact that I could change my mind, and then I’d end up filling out new forms anyway. Granted, the options for my situation are few, and I doubt I’ll change banks as long as Flagstar doesn’t pull what National City did when I had a negative balance. At least my balance is positive for now, and I would expect it to remain that way until I got my first check, blah blah blah. But once I start working again, the insurance won’t be that big of a factor on my mind until I schedule a doctor’s appointment of some sort. I suppose I must be grateful that I’m as healthy as I am, as I’ve been quite uninsured for quite a while, and being jobless nullifies an ability to pay for treatment. I suppose once I’ve worked for a month or two, I’ll think about getting a physical.

Another weekend is upon us, and I doubt anything interesting will happen. I haven’t kept up on the Cubs as much, simply because I haven’t been able to watch their games or didn’t want to turn on a radio. Too much on my mind. At least I took ‘s advice and played a couple games of euchre on Yahoo. Even though I lost both times, I feel as if I played well after not playing in quite some time. I’ve got to become more aggressive, as in cut my partner’s ace when it can lead to a sweeter two points instead of the usual one. I’ll get back in my groove again, and once that happens, nothing can stop me. Maybe in a year or two, euchre players will quiver in their boots when they see the name “rawmustard.” Then, I suppose one would need a cattle prod or similar device to make that supposition reality. ;p But in the meantime, I’ll make my opponents pay for lazy calls. There’s no greater thrill than knowing you’ve set someone, thinking they had an easy point!

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