We saw it coming, but it’s still cool that it happened

Cujo will wear the Winged Wheel. He’s basically making the same amount (on average) Hasek did, including the $1 million bonus if he wins the Cup. Cujo will fare pretty well here, especially if we can get Cheli for another season. I don’t think they did wrong, but I believe we do have to give a compensatory draft pick to Calgary because of some silly rule. I don’t think that will hurt us too much, but you never can tell.

Today I went with Marc again, and we looked over a page that used JavaScript to keep a running total of some sort. Friday, he’ll hopefully have remembered his serial number for Ulead, and then he can show them how to make cool animated GIFs. I agreed to join him again, but it’s something to do until I start working. At least I get to play with his bitchass car on the trips to and from! šŸ˜€ This weekend should seem more fun since it is July 4th and all, but it really won’t. I’ll be relaxed, though. A little relaxation is important before I start the daily grind again.

Something that just had to be added: I just wish the Leafs good luck with this next season. They’re going to desperately need it. *holds back laughter*


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