Why don’t we rename July “I’M HAVING A CRISIS” month?

And no, I’m not having a crisis. Things couldn’t be any better as far as I’m concerned. If I don’t hear about my job pretty soon, there could be a tiny crisis, but then I knew it wasn’t going to be a snip-snip there-you-go process. And one could classify not being able to pay bills as having crises, so … well, whattaya know? My contention, however, is that we’re all trying to be drama queens, as Steve would suggest. And why not? Aren’t drama queens the ones that have those feathery shawls draped over their shoulders? I always wanted one of those for myself. I don’t know why it looks fashionable, but it just is fashionable somehow. And if it all looks like it makes absolutely no sense, then tough cookies. I just woke up, and I HAVEN’T EVEN HAD MY COFFEE YET. Booyah, another crisis. Although that one is easily rectified. |p

And has Nick found out who Brian is, yet? I might tell him, but it would all be in confusing Yoda-speak. That would be worse than walking around wearing the feathery thing.

“And if you try to back up your data, our software will hunt you down and bit-slap you until you delete it yourself!”


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