All my problems are really insignificant when compared to this

I got an email from Mike Addison saying he was in the hospital yet again. This time he’s in the UM Medical Center, and the situation looks pretty dire this time. Like he says, any prayers you have left over, “stuff ’em in a big ole’ envelope and send ’em out.” He needs it much more than I ever did.

I figure I’d have to relay this story sooner or later, and now seems like a timely time. Anyway, during my first term at MCTI, there was one other classmate who couldn’t tolerate the class after a few weeks. So for the rest of my term, I was all by my lonesome learning the ways of QBasic (and with Dave, that was no picnic). However, the next term looked to be good because someone who had been on medical leave came back and would basically be at the same point as I was. That someone was none other than Mike Addison.

So generally, what happened was that it would be he and I taking lectures from Dave. As would be expected from seeing so much of each other, we bonded. I gradually learned that Mike had suffered from a whole buttload of medical conditions, including suffering a stroke, and he was only 26. But what endeared me to him was that even though a situation looked dire, he’d always be all goofy about everything. He had to do it from keeping utterly depressed. Up until I met him, I never knew someone who had suffered so badly. Everything that I may have suffered in my own life up to that point was nonexistent. It was mostly because of his example that I learned to try to keep a good sense of humor when I’m down. Such a good friend is always hard to come by, but came by him I did, and I’m extremely grateful. Now it always saddens me every time I hear he’s in the hospital again. But I know for a fact that he’s got that silly wide grin on his face. Some may say it’s a reactions to the meds, but I know it’s natural. Inflict all the pain and suffering of the world on him, and he’ll still crack that smile. Somehow I haven’t learned fully how to do that.


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