It all goes back to this

Just like that, another weekend is over, and again, nothing cool happened. This week had better turn out to be good, or I’m just going to get madder and madder. It hurts that I can hardly ever talk to anyone about what bothers me, yet it’s satisfying, since I feel that dragging others in would be an unneeded burden for them. I want to start working soon, so I can afford to live it up, and not be so bored out of my skull on the weekends. Polish Festival is coming up in a week or so, and if I’m not working by this week or next, I won’t be able to enjoy that. And then we have August and several fairs I might like to attend. I missed the balloon championships this past week, and I don’t think I’ll be able to go up to Blues Fest this week. So much stuff goes on that I would like to do, and I can’t partake in any of it because of my lack of funds. I think I just hit on what makes me so upset. I’m just wasting away while the rest of the people in the world are out enjoying themselves.


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