Why do I keep questioning my faith in humanity?

It’s another situation where I think I’ve done something horribly wrong, but no one has enough courage to tell me straight up. I can’t reiterate this enough, but if any of you feel that I’ve done something wrong to you, please be honest about it. Hiding it from me only makes it worse for everyone involved. I’ve always had an epic distrust for humans, and shit like this only widens the rift. Any time I try to be sincere, my head gets bitten off as a result. If people were more open with me, perhaps I could feel as if my faith in humanity wasn’t drifting. But I’ve always felt that most people shut themselves off to me. I don’t want it anymore than the next guy, so why put ourselves through all this? Why do we want to prove that humnaity is nothing more than a bunch of BS? I thought we were better than that.


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