Bah, didn’t get to eat ribs, but lake perch was pretty good

We reassessed the financial situation, and it turns out we couldn’t afford Chili’s, so instead we decided to eat at the Big Boy for the first time since it was renovated. The renovations themselves weren’t all that spectacular, just better lighting and new wall tile and wallpaper was all. I decided to go with lake perch, since it had been awhile since I had fish. It was pretty good, but I wouldn’t say it was the best I ever had. The coffee I had to drink was great, just chock full of flavor. I suppose once I finally start and have finances of my own, I’ll treat myself to some excellent ribs. It’s really a pity, since I know of no local rib places in my neck of the woods. I know Applebee’s has delicious honey barbeque ribs, and I have yet to actually eat at a Chili’s.

Of course, today is Adam’s 18th birthday, and he’s getting all overexcited about it. Doesn’t he know that once he’s been 18 for awhile, the thrill just won’t be there. When I turned 18, there wasn’t as much excitement for me since I was still in high school (thank the maker it was senior year) and my situation stayed practically the same. But anyway, one of the things he’s going to do is buy a lottery ticket. If he wins the jackpot, I think I’ll throw a whiny tantrum to see if he’ll give me part of the money. At least I’d like to think I’d throw a whiny tantrum. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I bought a lotto ticket.

Arrgh, I’m getting a slight headache, but I don’t think an analgesic will be necessary if I’m smart and go to bed in a few hours. Of course, we all know I’m a crazy mofo and could stay up until sunrise if I really wanted. I’m about due for another all-nighter anyway.

One other thing I must mention, and that is the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek area getting a new area code of 269 this Saturday. If you can’t come up with a way to remember that one, I have no sympathy for you. šŸ˜‰ Someone must have a clip of the last Rocker Morning Show where Scotty Bud didn’t think about the mnemonic device until after Steph told him :D. Mom chuckled when I told her about that.


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