When was the last time the Wings opened their season at home?

It seems like every season, the Wings start their season on the road, and such is the case this year (something doesn’t seem right with the Freep’s schedule, since I know games at the Joe shouldn’t start at 10:30). But anyway, it looks as though they’ll open in St. Louis, who gave them fits the last two games of last regular season. They won’t see Colorado until January, so that’s sort of a mixed relief/dread. And now I see that the Freep’s schedule is totally out of whack, since the regular season doesn’t actually start until October 9th (I was going to love anyone forever if they could find a way to take me to see Buffalo on my birthday :-*, but maybe I’ll love you just short of forever since that’ll only be an exhibition game ;)). Okay, here’s a link to the real schedule (note it doesn’t demark where the regular season begins, which is on 10/9 as I said). The Freep had all the home and away games reversed, it seems, but maybe they’ll get it right by the time you click on that link. And about that whole love you forever spiel, I’ll truly love you forever if somehow someone could find a way to get me to see the real home opener on the 17th. Unfortunately, as I’m writing this, that game is likely sold out, and I’ll have to work that day anyway :’C (if I don’t start by then, SOMETHING WILL GET SMASHED >:O). But one day this season, I do want to see a regular season game, even if I have to settle with seeing a game in Columbus since tickets to the Joe will be hard to get.

Regarding the whole financial thing, I just feel so useless right now it isn’t even slightly amusing. Grandma had to make my payment so she wouldn’t get into credit trouble. She’s trying to make me feel like I pay no attention to her, but I have no power as to actually speed up the clearance which will allow me to start. I had no money last night to help with dinner, so we couldn’t go where I wanted. Dish turned me over to collection since I haven’t been able to pay that bill. I’ve had to disconnect from the net every so often to check our voice mail just to see if Lydia’s tried calling, but no word yet. I feel as though I’m neglecting all my friends, wherever they be, since I haven’t really been able to turn myself around. I’m just useless to anything under the sun right now. All I can do is sit and sigh when I see all the hardships that they face. I want to help in some way so I don’t feel useless, but that just hasn’t happened the way I would like.

Bah, look at me. I start off on somewhat of a good note with this entry, only to downward spiral into what I dislike about myself. What have I become?


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