The One where He Says, “Well, DUH!!!”

Such an interesting headline to read: Divorce No Ticket to Happiness, Study Says. Perhaps it’s just that nothing has really gone on lately about my own parents’ divorce, but I know I still basically agree with the conclusion of this study. I still don’t think there’s actually any valid reason for my parents’ divorce. To me, all it is is that their financial troubles have reached a breaking point, and Dad somehow thought divorce would be a way to end it. I couldn’t say for certain if they’d still be happy if they stayed married, but it doesn’t really seem different to them if they do get divorced. They still seem content with their own lives even though there’s this cloud of doom hanging over our heads.

One thing about which I must be extremely fortunate is that it’s been relatively clean. Even the biggest issue of the whole ordeal (Dad wanting spousal support at the suggestion of his lawyer) doesn’t cause any bitter arguments. I have nothing but the utmost sympathy for those dealing with divorces which are much more acrimonious. I don’t mean this as an insult to the affected couples, but some people going through divorce are so damned illogical, it makes my eyes dizzy. And even though my dad’s reasoning may be illogical, it’s rather tame when compared with some others’ reasoning I hear about. But then I’ve always been big on the importance of logic over emotion (and I’m wondering why my ears aren’t pointy :D).

Something I haven’t really mentioned before now is that Adam has a job at Bob Evans. He goes in this afternoon for some thing (probably paperwork) and then starts training on Monday. He’s going to be cooking during the evenings, so perhaps I’ll have to go there one night to see how awful absolutely WONDERFUL his cooking is in an established restaurant. As would be expected, he’s excited about it.


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