Time for me to do a victory dance

I start Thursday morning, however my clearance hasn’t gone through just yet, so I can’t even so much as touch the mail. But I’ll likely start helping out on the receiving dock, and I’ll most likely tag along with whoever is delevering the mail so I can learn the building better (I know a good deal of it from when I worked there before). But I’m working again, and not a moment too soon, either. Adam’s been rubbing it in my face about his job ever since he started at Bob Evans. I’m going to have money again!!! I’ve missed it so much ;).

Other than all that above, nothing much is happening. Mom is actually suggesting that I go with her on Saturday night to the Big Tent, so she won’t be alone. Ugh, and I know she won’t buy me booze because she’ll expect me to drive home. At least if I were to be tanked, it might help dull the pain of being with Mother and her endless chatter. However, I’ll probably end up going with her anyhow, boozeless, because I’m such a mama’s boy. Adam and Dad went off to Battle Creek so Adam could go to Suncoast and find 1776 on DVD (he says he couldn’t find it before, but I know it’s out, and Adam loves that movie). Just bringing up that movie reaffirms how hot it is here. That and it hasn’t rained in several days, so the grass is starting to dry up. I never liked the look of brown grass. It’s just not fresh at all.

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