Just as I thought

Dave Lewis is going to take over as the next head coach. That should be a surprise to no one, unless you’ve lived under a rock for, say, the past decade. And it couldn’t be better news for this team, because it basically allows them to stick with their system with only relatively small adjustment. I’m still interested to see if Joey Kocur becomes an associate coach, as the rumors state. I would have to say I’m fortunate he didn’t leave for a head coaching position earlier. It’ll certainly look to be an interesting opening to the season, with the Captain out for the first three months.

I played quite a few more games of euchre today in one of Yahoo’s social rooms. It seems like I had about a win streak of three before I dropped my last two. It’s funny with me, because my calling seems to get gutsier when I’m doing well. One of my partners asked why didn’t I order up a club to him (he picked up) when I had both bowers, but that’s because I don’t make calls when I have ONLY the bowers. I’m not a mind reader, whether I play euchre in person or online. At least my rating is over 1500 again. Now I must work to get my Playsite rating back up.

The forecast said it would get to 94° this morning, but it feels much better than it did yesterday (now they’re saying only 90°), and I don’t even have the fan on in this room. I thought I might have to turn on the A/C, but as long as it’s this good for the rest of the day, there’s no need.


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