Day 2: yes, this job is a breeze

Today, I actually did my mail runs all by myself. Be proud of me. I also had a little fun stuffing and sealing envelopes before they got the automatic stuffer dealing working again. And even then, there was a screwup where the second page got put over the first, so those had to be restuffed by hand. At least I was sitting down while doing that particular task. And it was humorous to note all the missing cities and ZIPs that whatever the computer that spit out these letters (there were some with missing street names, but a letter sort of has to have a city and ZIP if you expect it to be able to go anywhere). “345 State St. OH NO, WHAT STATE ST?” 😉 But what was really cool was that the boss bought pizza for lunch. John is a very nice boss to say the least.

I got to chat with Marc a bit while he was on his break. At that time, it was only drizzling, so we didn’t go into the smoking room (I don’t think I would’ve liked to go in there anyway). He said that today he got his first paycheck in three years, which means I won’t get my first check until two weeks from today (because of how the two-week pay period works). He offered to loan me some cash today, but I declined for now anyway. We’ll see what the next week brings.

Mom wants me to go to the Big Tent with her (to meet Marni, a friend of hers), but she’s complaining about the rain. I tell her a little rain can do her body good. It’s not like she has to totally get wet if she stands under one of the tents. And I must admit (painfully) that I, too, reach a certain limit where I have to step out of the rain. I like a good soaking, but not one where it drips off of me for hours. Nevertheless, I don’t expect much excitement to come from this. But a Polish kielbasa loaded up with mustard does sound good for some reason. Too bad I’m eating some beef and gravy over potatoes. Maybe tomorrow, my hunger for kielbasa will be satiated.


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