Browsin’ for some skin.

For reasons not even known to me, I started browsing around the Winamp site for some more skins. The only Red Wings skin looked pretty awful, so I’m probably deleting that one. Right now, I’m using “Shore of Another World,” which is taken from Chrono Cross, and I just dowloaded a lovely grape skin which will likely see heavy rotation. But as is probably well known, there are thousands of skins out there, and because I have nothing better to do, I’ll ask all my faithful readers for suggestions for skins. Which ones are so absolutely übercool that they must live on my system? Which ones should I absolutely avoid, even though they may seem cool? I still use Winamp 2.x, because I figure there’s no rush for me to jump to 3 just yet. Now if only I could keep Adam from changing it back to the base skin, I would be quite content. Someone also keeps changing the default player of CDs to the Microsoft player. If I ever catch the culprit, IT’SA BRIAN THUMPIN’ TIME! ;D


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