Just so the day’s events wouldn’t get mixed in with the survey madness

I finally met my supervisor, and she did say it was okay for me to do the 7:30-4 shift. She had wanted me to work 8-4:30 (same as Carolyn’s shift) so I could learn how to close out, but she figured I can do that if I kept the half-hour earlier shift, so no big deal there. I’m still getting the hang of all the office symbols and their incessant changing for when I pitch the in-house stuff. I also learned how to log certified mail and other stuff. I’m getting along fairly well. I suppose tomorrow I will ask about getting a timesheet, and I’m sure it will be business as usual. My feet must be developing a tolerance to this job, because they don’t hurt as bad tonight as they did previously (yes, Liz, I’ll do it when I have the time and the money :p).

I think when Mom gets home and wants to get on and check her email, I think I won’t bother trying to get online again because I need the sleep. Maybe I’ll even remember to set the coffeemaker to come on when I wake up so I can have some coffee while I do my online stuff in the morning. I actually didn’t have coffee this morning. Oh, the horror of it all.


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