What a day!

I had quite an interesting day, as we had to send out a buttload of catalogs, several of which had to go to APOs/FPOs. That meant filling out customs labels for those puppies. Not too difficult. But while I was busy metering them, we all forgot about the pickup we have to make from 1-1-7 at 10:30. D’oh!! But we’ll just get that at 9:30 when we bring up any certified for them to sign. It isn’t the end of the world, as they say. Everything else went swimmingly as well. I meant to mention this yesterday, but there’s a rooster standing on the corner north of Sherwood who seems to crow each time I drive by. I thought roosters had become obsolete by now.

Tomorrow should be a blast, since there’s quite a load of packages that must be shipped to DRMOs. I’ll get to go mad with Priority tape getting those ready to ship. It’s also send out the DRMO pouches anyway day, so I’ll ought to be busy for quite some time. As Carolyn says, there’s never a dull moment.


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