Yawn, what a day!

This week sure has flown at supersonic speed. I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday already, and a week from that, I’ll be getting paid. Tomorrow will go by faster than what the previous days have gone, simply because it’ll be just Carolyn and I (Bonnie will be off) doing the bulk of everything, including a DLIS distribution and more catalog shipping. Suffice it to say, when 4:00 tomorrow rolls around, I’ll be plum tuckered out. Considering I’m planning to go with Dad Saturday over to Detroit, this could be a bad thing. Of course, the weekend after that will be the Rawson reunion up in Mt. Pleasant. Hooray, I finally get two consecutive weekends where I’m not bored out of my mind!!! If next week is anything like this week, as God is my witness, I’ll never be energetic again :D. And with everyone complimenting me with how fast I’m catching on to the job, I feel as if this may finally be the job where I can prove I’m not dragging the others down.

Earlier this evening, I got a flutter in my heart. I’m thinking it’s because I’m nervous about what will happen if my success continues. I’ve never been able to hold down a single job for over two months, and this may turn out to be the first. Perhaps as early as next week, they’ll waive the 90-day trial period under which I’ve been hired, and I can stay on as long as I want!!! It’ll certainly make my life not the waste it once was, because, like in euchre, with success comes confidence. In time, I won’t dread going after a better job if one arises. I might finally be able to feel like the world’s not taking a dump on me. I might finally have the nerve to woo some of the beautiful ladies that work in the building (okay, so I have to kid at some point |P). I’ll have the money to take some night courses at either KCC or Davenport and get network certification, because there’s a buttload more jobs availiable than for which I’m currently qualified. I’m sure there’s plenty more, but I’ll burn those bridges when I get to them. Right now, though, I feel like putting on one of my CDs and just chilling out before I go to bed. Mom should be home anytime now, and I’ll need the sleep. None of this 3.5 hours like I’ve been getting.


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