Oh, man, did I sleep well!

Last night was quite tiring. After I came home from work, Mom, Adam, and I decided to go to Coldwater to eat, get Adam’s work shoes, and visit Aunt Melanie and Uncle Steve, who are camping up at Waffle Farm this weekend. Needless to say, when I got home, I wanted to go online after Mom got done, but I fell asleep on the chair until 4. Then I came back and crashed on my sofa and slept like a baby.

Work itself yesterday was hectic as usual. We had to deal with more of those catalogs from Lisa Nixon. Of course, with the ones that went to APOs, that meant making sure we got Customs labels on all of them. But by George, we got ’em all out! It’s not as overwhelming as you might think, as long as you keep yourself paced properly. I’m still exhausted from the weekend, but sleeping last night helped a lot with that.

Today we’re actually going to a place in Northville just off of Eight Mile. But I’ll probably go to Waffle Farm before that to have some of that meal for the Nelson reunion thing. Yes, my friends, there will be much food gouging today. I’m so going to enjoy today, even though I still have the sleep in my eyes.


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