Why do they even make an attempt with me?

[10:56] lovekock887: hi.. ๐Ÿ™‚ you there?
[10:56] rawmustard: Yes, I am present.
[10:56] lovekock887: asl?
[10:57] rawmustard: Blah/blah/blah
[10:57] lovekock887: 23/f/ny
[10:57] lovekock887: so whats going on with u rawmustard?
[10:57] rawmustard: Oh, um, I mean 21/m/mi. I do have the ability to be incoherent at times.
[10:58] lovekock887: wanna have cybersex with me? im realy in the mood..
[10:58] rawmustard: I’m just sitting at my computer doing various things. And no, I’d rather not cyber.
[10:58] lovekock887: why not? im really cute… and all alone
[10:59] rawmustard: Well, so am I, but that doesn’t mean that cybering interests me. I’d much rather have a deep, intellectual conversation.
[11:00] lovekock887: whatever… check out my homepage http://www.holeinmypants.com/elisabeth/ ๐Ÿ™‚ you might change ur mind
[11:00] rawmustard: Pfft, I doubt it.

I mean, I don’t deny that she’s attractive, but I have better things I can be wasting my time doing. Like, um, posting this chatlog |P. But seriously, folks, this isn’t what I mean when I say I want someone to find me, despite this being good journal fodder ;).


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