Another Monday come and gone

Work today wasn’t all that hectic, as we had all the mail ready out by 3:00. There was also quite a wicked rain shower at 3:00, so I it worth my while to soak in it briefly. Those damn CCR people sure don’t keep up on addresses, as still more of those came back today. we sent an entire cartload with what must be thousands of envelopes. In Carolyn’s attempt to find how to meter an Express package going to Korea, she forgot she had to put a custom label on it, but fortunately they were able to get one put on at the post office. Tomorrow, we’ve got to start cracking on that DLIS Employee Relations Guide (it’s really just a yearbook-type thing). I keep forgetting to mention this also, but a Michael Bolton works in DLIS. Chortle, because you know you want to.

I really should eat something, but I’m not someone who cooks up something when I’m hungry, and since I haven’t been paid yet, I couldn’t pick up Hot ‘n’ Ready from Little Caesar’s. I have been scarfing a bag of chocolate chips, though, so that should count for something. Maybe Dad will have a hankering for grilling that package of bratwurst in the freezer, and I’ll have some of that. Or maybe I will grill it myself if he doesn’t. Either way, I’ll finish that bag of chocolate chips I started yesterday. 😉


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