Why is this week moving so slow? MOAN

Despite someone tearing today’s page off of my Dilbert calendar, it is only Tuesday, which means there’s still three days of the work week left. Perhaps it’s because there’s been less mail to send out, but these past two days have been slow. However, I’m sure once hump day passes, it all goes faster as one would expect. Carolyn and I talked a little more before I left, and she gave me the advice I’ve been preaching to myself for ages, and that is to live life to the fullest, but nothing is concrete. She also joked that by October 14th, I’ll have a steady girlfriend. Hehe, I haven’t had much time for romantic relationships, considering I never was at the point where my own life was good enough to consider taking another woman on the town. Is it self-centered? I think not. Why even consider such a thing if you know you’re not going to be able to give the attention that deserve? Suffice it to say, there would have been nothing but turmoil had I tried romance while still not on the path of life myself. But it has got me thinking about it again, now that I’ll have some money to fund the pursuit. And yet, that won’t change the fact that I’m a very patient (read: I’m only having sex when I’m ready to raise a kid, which won’t be for YEARS, or so it seems) man when it comes to this sort of thing. I get to do more now that I’ll have income again. It won’t change who I am.

Of course, my first paycheck won’t come until Friday, which is primarily the reason why I’m whining about the week being so slow. I’m itching to do things with this money (like being able to put fuel in my car and myself), as well as pay on my car loan. I do want to pick up a cell phone this week, since otherwise there’s really no other way to contact me at work personally (being in the mailroom = no phone and no computer account of my own). I’m sure I’ll discuss that little endeavor in full when the time arrives. Mom’s been itching for me to get one ever since she got hers (and not just because she gets 300 minutes for referring me or anyone else).


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