I’m thinking today’s Thursday. At least I’m over the hump.

At least there was a buttload of mail to meter this afternoon, or otherwise it would’ve been more boring. It was just Carolyn and I working in the mailroom, and we did pretty good. Now, I’m out at my grandmother’s visiting my aunt and my cousins. Lydia tried to smother me again, but I said “NO!!!” It’s plenty muggy today, and I’m quite tired because I delivered several of those DLIS pictorial directories in building 1. Coupled with my runs on floors 2 and 3, it does quite a number on the feet. Of course, I’m one who takes walks during his breaks, so I get much exercise. Now I see why drinking water is so important.

The next two days will probably be the same ol’ bag. Hopefully there won’t be as much tomorrow, but I expect Friday to be up all day, since that’s when we pack the DRMO and foreign pouches. The weekend will be nice when it comes.


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