I got the paystub!!!

Now I just have to wait for the money to be directly deposited, which should happen tomorrow. If it doesn’t, I will be a very angry Brian >:O. I haven’t had any problems before, so why should I now? The plan is to catch up my car payment and get a cell phone for reasons previously explained before we go up to Mount Pleasant for the Rawson reunion. I’ll be up there for the entire weekend, returning Sunday afternoon. Consider yourselves extremely lucky if I can get online anywhere during the weekend to make a post. And really, all you’ll be missing of me is Friday (if I don’t post before I go to work) and Saturday, because Sunday I would expect to be posting a wrap-up of the festivities.

Work today was pretty good. The only bad thing about it is the returned mail from the CCR mass mailing. ARRGH, THOSE NO GOOD DEMON SPAWN MUST BE BANISHED TO THE PLACE OF ETERNAL DAMNATION! *clears throat* um, if you don’t count all the returned stuff, there actually wasn’t that much mail this morning. Who knows how much we’ll get tomorrow. It’s pretty much decided that I’ll get Ted’s desk permanently, because he hardly comes in when he’s well (right now, he’s quite ill, and so I haven’t met him yet).

What is with Subdimension lately? They’ve been down for nearly a week, and there’s no sign of them coming back quickly. I thought at the time I signed up, it would be a decent free POP mail service. Now, it almost seems worth it to shell out whatever it is to get POP access for Yahoo. I notice that their POP server is down, but their web server is down, too, so I can’t check for any mail for that account (I know I have a few comment notifications, but I’ve likely read the comments by now so that isn’t a huge factor). I guess if anyone must send me email, send it to my Yahoo account for now until those cunts at Subdimension can get their act together. This isn’t the first time there’s been an outage like this, and I don’t suspect that it’ll be the last (must be a bandwidth issue).


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