I’m still full from my Little Caesar’s

And while I sort of enjoyed my little side trip to Portage after work, I really didn’t find what I needed. Why wouldn’t any of the major chains sell a new infrared port? Even Amazon doesn’t seem to have any in stock. Did I miss something here, as I thought sales of IR ports would be more popular given all of the different IR-enabled devices (including my cellphone) out there. However, it wasn’t a total waste, as I finally picked up a copy of 1776 on DVD. Adam gave me a wet kiss on the cheek when he saw I had gotten it. However, I must question Best Buy’s classification of that film as a drama, when it is clearly a musical comedy. I will just mention that if you love this film and haven’t seen the DVD release, rent or buy and see it. It was just amazing the amount of material that was cut for the original theatrical release, several of the scenes featuring Thomas McKean. One would think that a theatrical release of the restored version would do excellent, but alas, it’s only on DVD for the time being.

I have a new mailrun now, since the person wo usually has that run complained about being restricted to lifting under two pounds. Um, I’ve heard of restrictions for like 10 or 20 pounds, but two? Something’s not quite right here. Anyway, now I have to memorize an entirely different run, but I suppose it’s only beneficial that I know more than one run anyway. I think that eventually, I’ll know all the runs. It is the best part of the job, as I’ve seen enough demon spawn, um, I mean bad CCR envelopes to last two or three lifetimes.

Today after work, I’m going to vote in the primary for several races, including governor. I’m torn between Posthumus and Schwarz for the Republican nomination. Schwarz is from Battle Creek, but I don’t think he would be able to be enough of a threat to win in November. And as long as I’m thinking about it, I really want Jennifer Granholm to win the Democratic nomination. Certainly, she would be the favorite to win if she goes on, but my thinking is if Michigan is intent on electing a Democrat, I’d rather have her than either David Bonior or Jim Blanchard. Bonior’s “protecting working families” is nothing more than trying to make affluent people feel guilty for their wealth, as many liberals seem hellbent on doing the same thing. Jim Blanchard wouldn’t be any better than from the last time he was governor, although he would certainly be a better choice than Bonior. Let’s face it, a pet rock would be loads better than David Bonior. I fail to understand why he’s getting the support he is, when he’s clearly a bad choice for governor. But then, I suppose the UAW’s philosophy on protecting the working family hinges on class envy as well, so it comes as no surprise that they would endorse Bonior. The other local races are probably of no interest to my audience, so I’ll just lay off on those until after I’ve voted. Besides, it’s time to start thinking of getting dressed and going to work anyway. Let’s just say that around here, you have to vote in the Republican primary, as that pretty much determines the outcome of the elections. Of course, that means I can’t ensure that Granholm appears on the November ballot if I do that, but I figure she’ll have enough support from Democrats so that Republicans such as myself won’t have to cross over. It’ll be one of the most interesting primaries in the few years that I’ve been able to vote.


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