Ho hum, another Thursday’s come and gone

It went by pretty good today. Again this morning, I was fighting to stay awake, but it got better as the afternoon went on. This afternoon, when I took an Express up to 1-1-7, I could see Kristen visibly distraught over something. Without wanting to get into specific details, I told her to cheer up. She did manage to crack a smile. For all the gloominess I seem to endure, it always makes I feel better when I can get someone else to crack a smile. It actually prevents me from being totally down on myself, knowing that someone will smile if I say something. Perhaps tomorrow, things will have blown over to the point where I can ask Kristin what soured her mood in the first place. It could be the groundwork for a beautiful friendship. Considering I don’t have many of those, it’ll help immensely.

Also tomorrow, I must stop back at Centennial and find out why my phone isn’t receiving text messages. The guy who added it said it should only take 15 minutes (at least I thought I heard minutes) for it to become active, but over two days later, it still isn’t active. At least the first thirty days of the text messaging are free, but I want to make sure my feature is functional before I start getting billed for it.


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