The temp says 70, but it feels more like 80

In the course of trying to get some of Mom’s things over to the storage place, while I was trying to back the trailer up the driveway, I accidently hit one of the lampposts and busted out the right taillight on the trailer. No big whoop, I figure. Also today, we got that old NEC TT MAX 962 (amazing that the manual [©1998] is still on NEC’s site] that Lorrie gave us activated so Adam could use that. Now Dad’s the only one in our family who has yet to get a cell phone. I think at least twice on our way to Pizza Hut, a conversation transpired on how many bars each of us had.

Speaking of Pizza Hut, I must make a comment on my Dad’s taste in music. He first picked Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA,” which is cool because the Boss is just awesome (although “The Rising” doesn’t sound very spectacular when compared to his earlier work; haven’t listened to his entire new album yet). But then he follows that up with Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, some other country artist that I don’t care about, and ended his $2 worth of jukebox selections with Whitney Houston’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” “UGH!” is the operative exclamation here. Why would you pick the Boss only to pick rather utterly crap songs afterwards (what would be even more horrific is if Dad had picked “Thunder Road,” which is absolutely the best Springsteen song ever followed by crap songs). Although Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” isn’t a total crap song, it can’t ever equal what “Born in the USA” is. Maybe it’s just because I’m partial to the Boss. 😉 Of course, my second favorite Boss song is “Born to Run,” and then perhaps “Born in the USA” and “Tenth Avenue Freezeout” are tied for third. Or maybe “Pink Cadillac” sneaks into third. That’s what’s so troublesome when you try to rank songs from the Boss.

Sigh, tomorrow we plan on heading over to Grandma Ketchum’s again. At least this time aound, it won’t be as taxing on my soul now that I’ve had a job and done quite well for a while now. Those times we visited her when I was still looking for work were some of the times when I felt most horrible. But those days will subside, and I will feel adequate again. But you see, I won’t stop at mere adequacy. The ultimate goal is to become absolutely necessary, no matter what the cost. For survival is only the first step for being a success. Once we know how to survive, we must conquer everything that impedes our progress. We must break the chains that hold us down. And once they are broken, we must never go back to being chained again, whether the links be cast by ourselves or by others. But anyway, before I sort of broke off into that little rant, I was discussing how the trip to Grandma’s will be pleasant. Perhaps we’ll have pizza yet again, and as always, I’ll be relaxed with the drive. Now I suppose I’ll get that request to add Centennial posted.


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