Lesson learned: A one pound bag of Reese’s cup miniatures won’t last the day

Yesterday, after withdrawing some cash from the ATM, I decided to pop into Meijer’s to return bottles/get bag of Reese’s miniatures. It turns out that both Bonnie and Carolyn like the peanut butter-filled chocolate things, so perhaps next time, I’ll have to purchase them at Sam’s Club. Other than that, Monday went by really slow, with the return of Ted (it’s the first I’ve seen of him since I started) and all. I expect today to be much slower, since there should be less mail coming in (although we still haven’t seen the last of the CCR demon spawn envelopes. Oh, and I must also mention that my commute will require a detour for the next couple months, since the intersection of Dunks and Old M-78 will be closed for construction.


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