Man, am I tired?

By now, I think that talking about work has become rather repetitive and boring, but it’s still better than sitting around here moping about not being able to find work (wouldn’t want to forget that, now would we?). Today was basically another slow day, and I expect Hump Day and Thursday to be just as slow, if not slower. At least we’re getting everything done by 3, which makes the last hour of my shift seem to pass expeditiously. I took eight or so more minutes more than I needed to take to get home since they hadn’t closed off the intersection today like the paper said they would. Given that it rained earlier in the afternoon, I doubt that they could have started the project today.

I think tomorrow I’ll leave a little earlier than normal so I can drive past a couple apartment complexes I’m interested in possibly habitating. Yes, after all these years, I’m finally to the point where I’m looking to have a residence that isn’t the same as my parents’. I figure I can afford up to $400/month, perhaps even $500 if I can live frugally. The two places in which I’m most interested are both under $400, so I figure if I can get one of those, I ought to be able to live quite comfortably and not have to be an anti-social hermit. Perhaps a computer and cable internet access will be imminent :D. Eh, but I’ve got to get the first thing done before I can think of the next things. Life’s suddenly become a leadfoot like me, and I have to take it whether I feel I’m ready or not.


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