It won’t be as easy as I thought, but somehow, I must make it

I talked with Liberty (you know, that person who was born on my Mom’s birthday) for the first time since I made my triumphant return to the Federal Center. I basically told her that I was moving up to the Battle Creek area at some point in the next few weeks, and she basically told me that it would be rough for at least the first month. I must call the apartment complexes I’m interested in and see just how much security deposit will be, etc. I don’t doubt that it’ll near $1,000 for my first month on top of all the other expenses I’ll have (car, utilities, food). I will definitely not seek to get a land line, since I have a cell phone with a buttload of minutes already, and if I get a computer, I’ll get cable access anyway. Either that, or I’ll just make frequent visits to Mom, who will also get a computer with cable service (I figure I’ll do that until I can afford my own). Stepping out on my own is going to be a real doozy. I suppose I could advertise for a roommate (and split a 2-bedroom, obviously), but my overprotective nature of myself won’t let me do that.

Life-changing thoughts aside, the real reason I started to write this entry was because I wanted to say that work was a lot more hellish today. I had to wheel a flatbed full of catalogs, which is not an easy task considering: a.) the weight of the load and b.) trying to navigate through the door of the office where I got them. Of course, a good 70% had to be APOs, which meant a couple of us had to write Customs labels. Fortunately, we didn’t meter all of the APOs today, since it would be too heavy a load for the person who had to take them to the post office if he had to take all of them today. Tomorrow will be quite the day, as we meter the rest of it, along with all the other stuff we have to do on Friday (mainly get the DRMO pouches out). If Ted doesn’t call in sick again, it should be a cakewalk.

Right now I’m enjoying some bratwurst, but for some reason, Adam’s calls to get buns never got through to my phone (it better be temporary). But fear not, as I’m eating the delectable delights with my fingers. I should use a fork, but why bother with dirtying utensils?


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