It won’t make Julienne fries, but is still cool nonetheless 8)

This is what results when you decide to stay home and snooze on the recliner for several hours in the evening. Relish the card well, my friends.

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition

User Number: 63194
Date Created:2001-02-24
Number of Posts: 786

Spicy is actually one of the more reserved users. He tries to be a witty person, but somehow still manages to not get it quite right. But above all else, he has a tremendous passion for speaking out for what is right, and will never yield to those he considers just plain-out wrong.
Strengths: Strong analytical mind, quite excellent metabolism, and a quick learner
Weaknesses: Not very confident at times, and sometimes the highly logical mind can drive other people away
Special Skills: Can handle most mailroom tasks like nobody’s business, sometimes can foresee an event before it actually happens
Weapons: A computer keyboard, my sharp mind, and kindness (kill them with kindness, as the saying goes), as well as several different kinds of mustard (it leaves quite a stain)
Something you likely don’t want to know about me, but I’m telling you anyway ;D: Ever since childhood, I’ve had a strange fascination with traffic lights, especially those that use vehicle detectors

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