Ah, first off, I get back online at about midnight, but being the stupid guy that I am, I fell asleep for a couple hours, missing a couple ICQs from Bear (with whom I haven’t spoken in ages). cry, people only want to talk to me when I’m not here But what’s worse is that I lost a $20 bill, a bill I expected to spend today. I can’t find it anywhere in this house where I would expect it to fall out of my pocket. I don’t want to have to stop by my ATM again, but it looks as if I’ll have to in order to have any cash today. Why do all the bad things always have to happen to me? Why am I always doomed? Granted, losing $20 isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s just another thing in a string of rampant misfortune. Oh, woe is me, for I see no way to snap this string. But if I could find the $20, I would be so happy right now. It’s about the only thing these days that will.


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