Actually, while the premise is rather bland (a machine rating you on how well you can perform a programmed sequence of steps) , I can see why it’s a cult favorite and how it can still be fun despite the premise. Particularly it was fun for me because I heard “Reflex” for the first time in years, and a cover version of “Ordinary World” (another Duran Duran hit) was also availiable, but I didn’t try that one. I think with enough time and patience, I could actually so a half-assed job on one of the songs. What’s that thing they say about practice? Anyway, I see it as a way to relieve some of the stress, but I must not, under any circumstances, become an ultra obsessive freak (admit it, you were waiting for the linkage). But if I learned at least one thing through the ordeal, it’s that I’ll probably want to be in a more pepped-up mood if I want to truly tackle a game such as this (and that it must be easy to obtain the rights to Duran Duran songs). After I played two games’ worth of DDRMAX2, I then tried my hand at Skeeball. Hehe, I still have the tickets from that, considering anything of “value” requires a buttload of tickets anyway. Then some Tekken Tag and that Star Trek: Voyager game (which is just awful). The Peter Piper on Kilgore and Westnedge doesn’t have a huge arcade, but I suppose it does suffice. Maybe next time I’m over that way, I’ll stop by Putt-Putt to see their assortment of machines.

Ah, what else? Work blew by like a breeze, because I don’t think there was much mail to send out, other than those bid solicitations that I metered before the mail came in. Each day, I’m getting better, especially doing the mailsorts that come in (there were two today, neither of which was complicated). I also got to stuff more CCR trading partner profile letters. So, all in all, not as dull as Monday was.

Speaking of Monday, I meant to mention this last night, but the price of a bag of popcorn went up by a dime yesterday (it’s now $.70 instead of $.60). *insert random exclamation of anger and despair here*!!!! >:O Ah, but sadly, I think I will pay the price, because, unless I can find that $20 I so haplessly lost, I don’t want to run to the ATM again before payday and thus I won’t eat lunch in the cafeteria until then. Meaning I’ll live on snack bar popcorn for one or two days. Eh, I can do it, of course, but the chocolate in the vending machines is so tempting.

I was hoping maybe Bear would get back on tonight so I could see what he’s been up to. Hopefully, I won’t be the major ass I was last night and leave Trillian running just to fall asleep in the next room. I’ll make a valiant attempt to at least put up an away message, stating that the brain is just too tired to try to stay alert. Ah, but I know the brain won’t remember to do that, hence incidents such as last night (maybe I will have to drop an email as he suggests). I’m going to have a good sleep whether I stay connected or not, so it shouldn’t be looked upon too negatively.


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