Ugh, can’t believe it’s only Thursday

But then, I knew this week would move slower, considering it’s a pay week. Tomorrow is also the one-year anniversary of me getting a paid account – something I’ll have to do again if those bums at ever get the module for my service provider up. I still have not been contacted about testing anything, and it’s been nearly a month. But they’re going through a maintainership change at the present time, so it would be best not to bug them.

Today, I had better hear some good news about my apartment, or I’m going to rant and snivel and just plain out be angry at the world. I shouldn’t have to wait over a week when the lady said it would only take a day, provided they got my employment verification. If somehow I hear they still haven’t, perhaps it will be time to run over Lydia with my mailcart. She actually said, “Oh, here comes the crazy mailperson who’s running people over with his cart,” when I passed her in the hall yesterday. I feel so loved. 8-*


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